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Maintenance of common areas and infrastructure is of utmost concern to everyone in the community. A well-maintained community not only retains its resale value, but also creates a sense of pride among residents. That’s why we work hard to proactively maintain and repair these areas.

Our staff routinely inspects and identifies areas that are in need of maintenance or repair. When an area of concern is identified, we act swiftly to correct the underlying issue in order to reduce maintenance expenditures.

However, sometimes a problem arises between inspections or is occasionally missed. When this occurs, we rely on community members to call these maintenance issues to our attention. We welcome and encourage the residents of our communities to notify us of any ongoing or developing maintenance issues. Once notified, we send out one of our dedicated staff to evaluate and assess the problem. Next, we develop a plan to remedy the problem with a long-term solution.

With your help, we can better maintain the beauty and functionality of our community!


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