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In order to maintain property values for all members of the community, your HOA board has established standards for exterior property maintenance, landscaping, and other guidelines. For this reason, our staff routinely tours each site to ensure that community standards are fairly and impartially enforced.

During our periodic inspections of common areas, our staff evaluates and assesses whether any violations of community standards have occurred. While each HOA has different processes and procedures for handling violations, each homeowner is notified of the occurrence and given time to correct it.

However, occasionally, a violation occurs between inspections or is overlooked. That’s why we rely on and encourage the residents of each community to help inform us of suspected violations. This process is not intended to be a way to maliciously harass another community member, but rather to ensure that the community continues to be a source of pride for all community members.

When a suspected violation is reported, our staff will independently verify the occurrence and notify the property owner.


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